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Wednesday, September 21

Petite Potatoes

My garden gave me a nice birthday surprise.

The potatoes I planted earlier in the summer died back, so after setting the tent out to dry (the weekend camping trip was rather soggy) I decided to get my fingers dirty and dig into the potato pot.

I was not sure what kind of gold nuggets I would find.  The plants were pretty short lived so I did not expect anything like the size of the potatoes in a grocery store.

Not a bad harvest.  Potatoes for a small pot of soup!

You can make fun of me for keeping the ones that are the size of peas if you want, but they will still be good in soup!

There is a nice turtle shell type of texture to the skins of these little guys.  I have no idea why that happened, but the skins do not seem extra thick, so I think all will be fine.

A nice birthday gift from the garden.

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