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Tuesday, September 6

A Blue Secret

I did it again.  I made another orchid purchase.  This one seemed to be in better health from the start, time will tell.  Oh, by the way, it's BLUE.

I have been eyeing the blue and purple ones for a while, but felt they were too expensive.  This guy was half off, imagine.  The plant and root system looked healthy enough, and it was in a pot with drainage holes.  Major improvement from the plants they had earlier in the summer.

I have been trying to decide if they are blue naturally or if something is done to make them blue.  All the joints on the flower spike have a blueish cast and even the leaves had some blue along the center vain or if there was a slight injury.  I tried to get pictures, it just does not show very well.

The other day I noticed a rather large hole in the side of the flower spike.  There was a suspicious saturation of blue in this area.  I feel my confirmation came this morning when I put the (now 2) orchids on the bathroom counter while the shower was running so that they could enjoy 10 minutes of humidity.  As I was checking out their general state of being I touched the flower spike near the bored hole and my finger turned blue.  There was a bit of blue condensation.  Yep, confirmed.

My heart is not broken (though my husband may be sad).  Based on the colors, I bet it will look much like the first one I bought only larger.

What ever color it ends up being, I will just be happy if I can keep it alive until the day it blooms again.  I will leave you with one more nice blue picture.

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