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Monday, September 5

Garden Visit ~ Klein Parents

It's hard to believe that it was last Tuesday that my husband and I piled the dog, our toothbrushes and a nice little gift into the truck for a trip to Indy.  My one and only nephew turned 1 last week!  He is a giggly red headed little guy! It was a sweet party.  My brother, the proud papa, made an awesome carrot cake.  I brought my camera with me but forgot to take pictures.  oops

We packed our toothbrushes so we could stay the night with the Klein parents and not have to drive back home that night.  So the next morning after breakfast, I pulled out the camera to take pictures of the back yard.  I know, less exciting than a 1 year old birthday party.  But this blog is about gardens.

I got a few seeds from this Cana lily.  Hummingbirds like the bright red flowers.

The Klein parents have always had a fair amount of plants and landscaping around the house.  I think they got more adventurous living in Florida.

I remember there being a few orchids hanging on the lanai when they lived in Florida.  I thought that it was probably the best environment for them since it was hot and kinda humid.  Really, they can be grown anywhere as long as the conditions are right.  Theirs have been hanging in trees in the back yard this summer.

This one put out a flower spike and is now growing a new leaf.

This one is also putting out a new leaf.  There is a regular afternoon rain shower/sometimes storm in FL in the later part of summer.  I guess despite the lack of consistent rain this summer the orchids have adjusted to Indiana!

This summer my dad has been working with Geist Nursery.  I think this is why they have tomato plants coming out their ears.  50 or so seedlings on a tray does not look like too much really . . . but once they grow up a bit and need their own space, it's another story!

Moses thinks he is hunting down what ever it is that keeps eating all the tomatoes just before they turn ripe.  This bed is along the garage.

This is about the ripest tomato I saw that was not a miniature variety.  Apparently the squirrels have been getting to the fruit before any people have a chance to pick a ripe tomato.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Here is the row along the driveway.  The are pups patrolling the perimeter.  Izzi loved spending the night with these two!  The odds are pretty good that we will look for another pup soon, I think I had as much fun watching them play as they had playing.

Cute little tomatoes along the driveway.

These little gems are on a "bush" at the corner of the house.

This huge plant is over 6 feet tall.  There are 3 steps up to a door on the right side of this picture just to give you an idea of scale.  The little plant in front of the tomato bush, er-uh, I mean tre . . . plant is a green pepper.  My dad has hooks screwed into the side of the house to tie this monster to so it can stand up.

Izzi found something growing in the back of the yard.

It is a squashy sort of plant spreading out to it's hearts delight.

There is a little baby acorn squash.  That will make for some yummy autumn/winter dinner!
I hope you have enjoyed the tour through the first guest garden.

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