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Tuesday, December 27

Charlie Brown Avocado Tree

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.  I have been as involved as I can find the time for.  I have grand ideas of someday being able to do all kinds of fun holiday activities, but for now I am happy to bake as much as possible and pull out my small Christmas decor collection sometime after Thanksgiving.

I have never dragged a cut tree through the front door. Nor have I set up a live tree in the corner.  I live in a small house so it would be rather difficult to work out where to put a Christmas tree with the plants, furniture, book cases.  This year I decided that the Avocado tree would be a dandy tree to decorate!

It is inside already, and it has really branched out.  I decided to stick with silver balls.  They are simple, discrete, and not too heavy for some of the younger branches.  It is kind of comical and kind of sweet in an almost elegant way.

I would like to have a Norfolk Pine in the future to use as a Christmas tree.  They make such nice looking house plants, and would create a nice simple focal point when decorated for the holidays.  They like low lighting, which would be perfect since I seem to have very little direct, or even bright light in my house.

The little red tinsel tree from college still made it's way into the scene.

It has kept the Nutcracker Matryoshka and Santa company for quite a few years now.  Plus, IU had a really great win against UK about the time I put these items out, so maybe there was a little school spirit egging me on :~)

Here is my little holiday corner.  There are even pine cones in a basket by the tree.

I will enjoy it for another week or so before packing it all back up, transforming the Charlie Brown tree back into a regular house plant.

What are some of your alternative, or non-traditional holiday traditions?