Garden Rows

Friday, April 17


Here is to 20 years of fresh asparagus!

We planted a bed of purple asparagus crowns last week and they started popping up a day or so ago. 

Planting was actually pretty easy. I was nervous because I have no experience with this skinny veggie. Any time I plant something new I am a little worried I will mess up and it won't grow, but as long as directions are followed somewhat, all is well. We created a trench about 6-7 inches deep and shaped a small mound along the bottom (creating a furrow), placed the crowns in and covered over with a few inches with soil. Pretty easy.  The extra soil is still along the sides of the furrows so that it can fill in gradually over time as is recommended. 

I can't wait for the freshest asparagus ever. Nothing beats fresh out of your garden.