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Sunday, August 14

Surprise, it's August!

The other day I noticed a spike of flowers at the back of my yard and realized it was Surprise Lily season.  I love it when these flower just shoot up over night and bloom.

It's a little bitter sweet really because in a way these flowers represent the end of the summer.  My second favorite season these days.  Most of my life I have LOVED summer best because it meant that it was swimming season, and let me tell you, I was in the water any chance I got!  My mom would start the "it's time to get out of the water" coaxing long before we really needed to leave just because she knew it was so hard to get me out.  Some how I seemed to learn a new trick that I had to try "just 3 more times Mom, please?!"  Yes, I love the water.  More recently, maybe since I am not in school any more, I have developed a much greater appreciation for Autumn.  There is something very calming about the season that I adore.  

Plants are still growing, and some in the full swing of blooming!  Fall is almost like dusk, or that bit before bed where you can just sit and breath for a moment.  Let the day melt off and relax.

There is also the feel of electricity in the air.  Maybe it is just because the sun is so close.  The critters are busy starting their winter preparations.  Not that I really want to think about that season just yet!  We have a few more months.  (just reassuring myself there)

 The picture just above is were I got the idea for this post.  I am a few days late getting around to it.  I was walking my dog through the neighborhood and realized that it was very unlikely that my yard would be the only one with these beautiful pink surprises.  Not only is this a very old neighborhood, but most people have some amount of gardening/landscaping.

So inspired by the spikes of flowers out of nowhere, I collected my camera, my dog and a friend to stroll up and down the streets seeking out these flowers.    

It was a lovely evening.  Only in the 80's.  Such a break from the last few weeks that were over 100 degrees, and only cooled down to the low 90's over night!  We enjoyed a nice slow evening walk chatting about life.

Sometimes they pop up in the most unexpected places.

These are in my friends yard.

My pup decided that despite the cooler temperature it was still hot and she really needed a rest once in a while!  She would find a nice plot of grass in the shade and spread her feet out behind her to get the best contact with the grass on her hot little belly.

She is quite the leader on walks as you can see.  I like the way these plants are arranged.  The Hosta have pretty much finished blooming just in time for the Surprise Lilies to spring into action.

This morning I walked to the Farmers Market and saw so many more Surprise Lilies.  I was sad I did not bring my camera.  Though I got some good pictures to share on the evening walk, so it is ok!

I hope you have enjoyed them.  

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