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Sunday, August 7

Sprout to Tree

I am sure that at some point in grade school you sprouted an avocado pit.  I decided to revisit the experiment when I was in college.  I wanted my apartment to be full of big plants but I spent my money on art supplies and books in those days so I had to be resourceful since large plants often had large price tags.

I stuck toothpicks in an avocado pit to suspend it just slightly in the water and (im)patiently waited.  It sprouted roots and a little shoot.  I put it in a pot as soon as possible, and waited (im)patiently for it to turn into a tree.  After a few years it was a bit more than knee high . . . and was still holding on to the pit like a safely blanket.  One thing I did not really account for at the time was light.  There was just not enough.

After this picture was taken it seems like it really did take off.  It just grew up and up!  It seemed like it had no intention of putting out branches, so I showed it how by chopping the top off, twice.  It just wants to be big and tall!  These days it is putting out some little branches around the top and I just noticed today that there are a few more on the main trunk.

This lovely avocado tree is now just over 6 feet tall and still growing!  I put it in a larger pot this spring, but I am actually wondering if it is large enough!

It has a nice place on the back porch where it gets plenty of morning sun, direct and indirect.  It has been happily growing out there all summer.  It will take up quite a bit of space when it comes indoors this fall!

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