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Wednesday, August 3


Hi, my name is JiMele and I am an orchid-dict.

I am sure it is not actually a word, but I feel like it is fitting right now.  I have been watching youtube videos and looking at websites about orchids.  General care, re-potting, disease, feeding, watering, different varieties and their needs.  I would not say that I am becoming an expert, I am just familiarizing myself so that I do not have to look up info every time I have a question.

I have purchased 3 orchids in probably the last 5 weeks.  I just keep seeing decent orchids marked down!  I now have 3 for the price I could get just one freshly flowering plant.  As I said a few posts ago, these are my experiments.  I can afford to make a mistake or two at the prices I am getting these babies for.

The plant in the very front here is the first one I got.  It has white blossoms with fuchsia centers.  I got a little ahead of myself last week and cut the flower spike off before I read anything about it.  I found out that if I only cut it back about half way just above a node it may have bloomed again or produced a keiki.  Keiki is the Hawaiian word for baby.  In reference to orchids it is literally a baby plant that grows from a node on the bloom spike.  I am hoping to have one of these two things happen with the plant in the middle.  It had slightly yellow flowers.  Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, so I will have to wait until it blooms again to remember anything other than that.  The plant in the back is the newest addition.  There are 2  large buds that will still bloom if I am lucky.

This is not the window they have been living in, but I am starting to think I might put one there and see how it likes it!  It may be too much afternoon light though.  It seems that these picky plants like most of the action in the early morning.  Watering, misting, light.  They are early birds :~)

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