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Saturday, August 20

A New Definition of Self

For many years I thought that being born in September meant my flower was a poppy.  I do not remember where I got that idea, but I really like poppies and plan to grow some in the near future.  The other day I was talking about flowers with a friend, since she is an April baby I told her that her flower is the sweet pea.  Today I decided to look up flowers to remind myself of the other flower/month combinations.  I couldn't believe it when I did not see the poppy listed as the September flower anywhere!  I searched web site after site and not only did I not see the poppy, they all listed the aster for September.  I realized somehow must have made up the poppy as the September flower.  It was a sad moment.

 I am not actually heart broken, just having to re-evaluate who I am with the new found knowledge that I am represented by the aster rather than the poppy.  I have decided that I will still grow poppies someday, but I am now thinking about growing asters as well! What a good excuse to do something I want to do anyway:  grow more flowers.

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