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Tuesday, July 26

Sweet and Spicy

It is nearly the end of July and I am still waiting on my tomatoes.  It's my fault for not getting the plants out a few weeks earlier.  Now that I have had it in a spot that gets more sun there are a few that have started blushing.  So excited!  There will soon be tiny cherry tomatoes.  I am still waiting on the Heirlooms to blush, but it will be a bit longer since they are destined to be larger fruit!  I will post pictures as they become ripe.  

The Basil knows the summer is winding down and it is time to make sure the next generation has a chance.  I have been pinching buds daily.  Time for pesto!  Do you have a favorite recipe?  I was thinking about toasted pine nuts rather than walnuts this time.

When I went out this morning I was surprised to find this cutie peeking out of the foliage!  I though this Gerbera Daisy was done blooming, what a nice surprise.

I have a couple Jalapeno plants and a few baby peppers.  The larger ones are about 1-2 inches long.  I am not sure if they will manage to get much larger, but they will still be warm and peppery :)

There are also some "Sweet Red Peppers"  I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is enough sun light for the sweet little peppers to turn red.

After putting some cilantro in a pot I still had 2 little plants, so I just randomly put them in a strawberry pot with an extra jalapeno plant.  The cilantro just exploded and now looks like a frilly skirt for the pitiful skinny pepper plant.  I love how voluminous the cilantro got, it is just so elegant.

Can you see the little jalapeno just above the rim of the pot?

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