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Friday, July 22

Garden Goodness on a Plate

My husband brought home a big box of left over squash and cucumbers from a friend's garden the other day. There will be some pickles in the near future!  That night, I decided to be inspired by a recipe in Everyday Food and fresh yellow squash.  I did not have any onion, so I adjusted things a bit and used some garlic.

 I used two cloves during cooking and then when it was nearly done I put 2 more minced cloves in, minced with a bit of fresh thyme from my own garden!

In another skillet I cooked up some chicken with yet a bit more garlic and fresh thyme, chopped it up and added it to the yellow squash.  Oh, it was good!

The piece of toast on the plate in the first picture was also pretty awesome.  Oat bread from the Bread Basket Bakery in Danville, IN, basil from my garden, tomato from the friend's garden, and Havarti cheese . . . from the store.  I tried, almost completely not from the grocery store!  It was a pretty great dinner.

The veggies that my husband brought home were pretty amazing.  This is the largest zucchini in the box:

The dog is 16 pounds.

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