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Monday, July 18

Good Morning

It is mid July in central Indiana and the Hoosier state is certainly not letting us down with a mild morning.  My plants are still thirsty even though it is really muggy!  When I went out to water this morning I found the hibiscus had bloomed!  Aside from watering and an occasional feeding I have not been paying enough attention to this plant.  Last week I realized that the summer was about half over and it had not bloomed yet.  The plant must have heard me thinking because with in a few days flower buds started peeking out of their leaf cocoons.  There are now more than a dozen buds.   I did an internet search on hibiscus and they seem pretty easy to keep blooming for most of the year.  Mostly it's about food, temperature and light.
     Stay cool in the garden, it's supposed to be a scorcher this week!

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