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Monday, June 10


It's amazing what can happen in a year.

This time last summer, we were in the process of buying a house. Everything went through with out a hitch. We are now the owners of a house originally built in 1901. It started as a small farm house and a few additions over the years have doubled it's size. The old portion had carpet that we planned to remove and redo the flooring. When we pulled up the carpet, we found an old hardwood floor. It was in decent enough shape that we sanded it down and refinished it. Let me tell you, that is not a fun job. We have also painted a few rooms. That was much more fun, and did not take forever and a day to finish!

Clematis at the back of the house

There are plenty of projects we have planned for the house, as well as the yard. (A garden is among them, don't worry!) Our biggest project completion happened this spring. We got 14 chickens and built a chicken coop and yard.

My husband designed the coop and his dad spent many afternoons in our yard building it. It was quite the Feller project as my father-in-law was assisted by all three if his boys at various stages. We are all pretty proud of it.

The coop is made of reclaimed barn wood. I love the old look it gives the little building, almost as if it has been there for decades.

Rudy the Rooster says "Hi!"

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