Garden Rows

Sunday, January 22


Old Man Winter sends greetings from central Indiana!

A lovely ice storm swept in Friday night covering everything with ice.  All the plants looks otherworldly.

The Dogwood made me think of alien fingers.

We have actually had such a mild winter so far that the Dogwood buds are growing fat, and I have had reports of crocus popping up in the neighborhood.  The cold snap this last week concerned me, but they really might be in for trouble since next week's temperature forecast is supposed to range in the 20-40's.  If the plants think that spring is coming on, and then winter decides to actually settle in for more than a few days at a time, then that might really spell disaster for the trees and spring flowers here in a few months.

For today I guess I will just be appreciate the fact that the ice is melting off my car while my hands are warm inside, no need for the ice scraper.

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