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Monday, November 14

Crazy Wind Storms

Leave it to central Indiana to provide us with an endless supply of crazy weather.  In the last few weeks we have had
  • grey cloudy skies
  • cold rain
  • warm sunny days
  • a batch of snow (luckily no accumulation due to warm ground) 
  • and we can't forget about the wind
We have had some crazy wind storms.  I don't know if NOAA has a "Crazy Wind Storm" classification, but I am going to stick with it.  35-45 mile an hour gusts seem like they deserve it.  

Remember the big tree in my front yard?  Well, between the rain and the Crazy Wind Storms it went from this:

to this:

in a few days.  The second picture also gives you a nice view of the gloomy clouds blown in after a day of sunshine.

I wish I could take a video so you could see this wind, but we all know you can't SEE wind!  My pup loves to catch sneaky leaves that catch a ride on a breeze.  She is so proud of herself when she gets one that she prances with the leaf in her mouth and her head in the air.  These Crazy Wind Storms have provided quite the ride for the leaves lately!  Somehow the leaves are in tidy piles now.  Here is the one in my driveway.

It may be hard to see in the picture, but the leaves in front are actually all lined up neatly.  It is amazing to me that the leaves are not only in a pile now, but a tidy one at that!  I just might put them in a bag and put it on the curb this year since they are gathered up for me already.

Would you believe it is 66 degrees and pouring rain?  Yep.  November in Indiana.  Not so predictable.  Just the other day, maybe the same day it snowed for an hour, the elephant ear out front got a bite from some frost.  It's not looking to happy today.

Can I be done with winter yet? 

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