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Monday, October 17

letting go

October 8th
Sometimes we have to let go.  Sometimes in anticipation of something greater.  All the flowers have fallen off my surviving orchids.  I left the flower spikes alone for a few weeks on the off chance that the little buds at the ends might keep blooming.  I knew better.  I have read up enough by this point that I understand the basics of these plants.  After some waiting around on my part and no action on the orchids part I decided it was time.  I decided to do the Trim and Hope thing.  I did this with one of the orchids that died earlier in the summer, but that poor plant had some moisture issues and was doomed when I bought it . . . I just did not know it at the time.

Here is the trimmed flower spike of one of the orchids.  The cut is sealed with cinnamon as a fungicide.  Cinnamon has many great uses beyond oatmeal and apple pie! check it out.

If you trim an orchid flower spike once it is done blooming there is a chance that it will do one of a few things.  It might bloom again, it might grow a keiki (baby orchid plant), or it might just decide it is done with the spike and is going to put energy into the leaves.

This is where a keiki would grow if it decided to grow one.

However, it looks like this this plant would rather grow a new leaf.  Time will tell.

October 17th
Just over a week later the little leaf sprouts have really grown.  I am not sure if there will be one leaf or two.

The thing that concerns me is the threat of fungus on this plant.  The black spots at the base of the top leaf make me think that it may be too late.  I am going to look into something at one of the local green houses in hopes of fixing the situation.

Sometimes we have to let go in hopes of something great.  We just don't always know what that great thing is going to be.  Follow your heart and trust.  In my case, it may be a lesson to fork over the cash and get an orchid that is not on sale yet!

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